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Washington Certification Services

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Disability Accommodation Policy

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Applicants may request an examination accommodation for a documented disability. Your request must accompany your application. Washington Certification Services requires applicants requesting accommodations to submit both the “Request for Accommodations - Applicant Form” and the “Request for Accommodations - Provider Form” which include current documentation of the disability from an individual qualified to assess the disability. The documentation must identify the diagnosis and nature of the disability, the last time the provider saw the applicant, the name of the test used to diagnose the disability, the duration of the condition, and the recommended accommodation. The documentation must be provided by a physician or licensed health care provider appropriate to the disability and submitted on professional letterhead.

If Washington Certification Services allows special examination accommodation, it shall set the time and place it considers appropriate to address the applicant’s needs.

To request forms contact Rachel Neville, Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) Certification Program Manager at 253-288-3371.