Washington Certification Services

Washington Certification Services

Backflow Assembly TesterCertification Program

  • If you have a high school diploma or GED. If you have less than 12 years of education contact WCS for information about eligible substitutions.
  • If you are not already certified as a BAT in Washington.
  • Once you have received notification that you did not pass a previous BAT certification practical examination.

Note: we don't have an automated system so processing can take up to 10 business days. This means exams posted on our website aren’t always showing real-time availability. We do everything we can to ensure what's listed is as current as possible and process applications on a first-come-first-served basis.

Examination fees for eligible applicants are non refundable and may not be transferred to a different applicant. The fee will be returned only if the applicant is not eligible for the examination or if Washington Certification Services cancels the examination. Examinations may be cancelled due to low enrollment..

If an applicant arrives for the examination appointment late there may not be enough time to conduct the examination. In that case the applicant will be required to apply for another examination and pay all applicable fees.

After an applicant is approved and scheduled for the practical examination, one voluntary transfer to a different examination date/location is allowed at no cost to the applicant.
  • Washington Certification Services must receive the transfer request by the published application deadline date.
  • The next examination must be completed no later than six months from the original examination date.
After one voluntary transfer, no additional transfer requests will be accepted. An applicant will forfeit the examination fee if:
  • The transfer examination is not completed within the specific time period.
  • The applicant transfers to another examination but cannot complete that examination for any reason.

Approved applicants will receive confirmation by email shortly after the published application deadline date. The following information will be included: