Washington Certification Services

List of Approved Live Training

Washington Certification Services maintains a list of live training activities that have been submitted for evaluation and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) assignment by the trainer and approved for waterworks professional growth in Washington. The list is updated as courses are approved or inactivated.

Since CEU assignments for a specific course are valid for 3 years, some courses on this list may be offered by the sponsor more than one time over a 3-year period. Others, such as conferences, may have been scheduled only once.

Note: CEU for multi-session conferences is listed in the table as zero (0). CEU will be awarded by the trainer based on the approved sessions a water works operator attends.

If you have questions about any of the training on the list, contact the trainer directly at the number provided.

Many of our operators find WaterOperator.org's training calendar a useful resource when searching for training opportunities. Please visit http://wateroperator.org/calendar (then search by state) if you'd like to try it. Washington Certification Services and Department of Health are not affiliated with WaterOperator.org or their calendar and it may not be a complete list of available trainings; but we have encouraged our 3rd-party trainers to keep WaterOperator.org updated.

Looking to take remote training but don't have wifi at home? Check out the Washington State Drive-In Wifi Hotspot Location Finder for free options!

Visit the Self-Paced Training [13KB PDF] section of the web page for a list of approved Self-Paced Training and for special Self-Paced Training completion instructions and forms.