Live Training and Conference Evaluation

Washington Certification Services evaluates relevant live training (to encompass both remote/virtual and in-person training) and conferences held in Washington based on the guidelines and procedures established by the Department of Health (DOH).   Washington Certification Services does not evaluate in-person training held outside of Washington except in specific cases approved by DOH.  The course sponsor must submit all requests for course evaluation and CEU assignment to Washington Certification Services.  Requests received past the deadlines below will be returned to the sponsor without evaluation.

  • Requests for evaluation of a workshop or seminar must be received at least 15 calendar days in advance of the training.
  • Request for evaluation of multi-session conference programs must be received at least 45 calendar days in advance of the conference (by mail only).
  • Remote (virtual) training is acceptable but must follow additional guidelines (see "Responsibilites of Course Sponsors")

Here is more information about course evaluation and CEU assignment...

Training course sponsors that award Continuing Education Units (CEU) are responsible for the following activities:

  • Establishing and maintaining attendance monitoring procedures
  • Awarding CEU only to participants who meet all criteria for successful completion
  • Issuing a certificate or other documentation of course completion verifying participant name, course title, date/s, location, sponsor, CEU awarded, and course identification number
  • Submitting a completed Waterworks Operator Professional Growth Training Roster within 30 days after the conclusion of training for posting to professional growth transcripts
  • Maintaining a permanent record of each course and all participants for at least seven years
  • Providing participants with a process for written feedback and evaluation of the course
  • Providing the course evaluation/feedback results to Washington Certification Services upon request

In addition to the criteria above, course sponsors are responsible for the following while conducting remote/virtual training:

  • Interact with students at least every hour
  • Document interactions and keep on file for at least 7 years; supply documentation to Washington Certification Services or DOH upon request
  • Indicate "remote" under "location" when submitting training roster.

Department of Health (DOH) requires that Continuing Education Units (CEU) be assigned through a formal evaluation process that follows the minimum guidelines established by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The criteria Washington Certification Services uses to evaluate training for CEU assignment is:

  • Responsible sponsorship
  • Course content
  • Learning outcomes
  • Instructor qualifications
  • Instructional methods
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Demonstration of program completion
  • Relevancy
  • Course Length

Training must meet the relevancy criteria established by DOH.  For more information about relevancy of Waterworks operator training see the Training Relevancy information below.

The minimum course length of each individual workshop, training session, or conference is three contact hours in order to be eligible for CEU evaluation, assignment or recording.  The minimum CEU assignment is 0.3 CEU.

Training applied toward the Waterworks operator professional growth requirement in Washington must meet the relevancy criteria established by the Department of Health (DOH), Office of Drinking Water. Relevant training means training that:

  1. Is approved by the department;
  2. Has an influence on water quality, water supply, or public health protection; and
  3. Is directly related to the operation, or maintenance of a water system; or
  4. Is directly related to managing the operation or maintenance of a water system.

Examples of acceptable management training include drinking water regulatory compliance, capacity development, rate setting, financial viability, water system security and responding to drinking water emergencies.

Training that may not meet the relevancy criteria is evaluated by the DOH Relevancy Review Committee.

For more information about the relevancy requirement, click here to view the Department’s Fact Sheet on Relevancy of Training for Waterworks Operators.

Relevancy appeals must be filed according to the Training Relevancy Review Procedure - DOH.

To request a course evaluation and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) assignment for a conference or training scheduled in Washington or done virtually, the training sponsor must submit a completed evaluation request form with the required attachments listed on the form to Washington Certification Services. 

If the training meets the evaluation criteria established by Department of Health (DOH), the sponsor is notified in writing.  Courses evaluated and assigned CEU are issued an identification number.  The course sponsor must refer to this identification number on all correspondence or inquiries regarding the CEU assignment, and on the certificate of completion issued to training participants.

If your request for CEU evaluation and assignment is not approved you will receive a letter explaining the reason.  Appeals must be filed according to the Relevancy Review and Appeal Procedure – DOH.

CEU assignments for courses evaluated by Washington Certification Services are valid for three (3) years from the date of the original assignment.  The original assignment is considered invalid during the three-year period if the course sponsor, title, content, or length changes, or if the course no longer meets current DOH evaluation criteria.  Sponsors are notified at the end of the valid period and are required to submit a new evaluation request.

View the list of approved Live Trainings.


The forms listed below are provided in a PDF fill-in version. This will allow you to enter information on the form directly from your computer.  When the form is completed, you can "save as" to submit via email (if applicable) or print to submit via mail, along with all required documentation.

The course sponsor is responsible for submitting verification of successful completion of training that has been evaluated and assigned CEU by Washington Certification Services. Use the Professional Growth Training Roster to submit the names of all individuals who have successfully completed training. Sponsors may attach a separate attendee list to the roster form as long as the list is in alphabetical order and provides the information requested on the original form. DOH recommends that course completion information be submitted within 30 days of the training completion date.


The forms listed below are provided in a PDF fill-in version. This will allow you to enter information on the form directly from your computer.  When the form is completed, you can "save as" to submit via email (if applicable) or print to submit via mail, along with all required documentation.

The operator is responsible for requesting an evaluation of training that is attended outside of Washington or that has not been evaluated in advance by Washington Certification Services. For more information see Training Submittal Process.

CEU is posted to professional growth transcripts of certified waterworks operators based on the guidelines established by DOH. For more information see Recording Professional Growth Documentation.